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They traveled to northern Minnesota, upstate New York and Arkansas. Cheng Kee started to really like traveling. For one thing, the bed was usually big enough so that he could sleep with his lady every night. He met new people and new dogs. She got him a special seat belt, which he didn't like so well, but it wasn't too bad.

During the year Sam, Shadrach, Katherine and Scotch had died. He particularly missed Scotch and for a long time would look for him, whenever Grandma said his name. Billy had moved to New York with Joy, and Cheng Kee had been there to see her new kitten, Nathan - also all black.

Cheng Kee had become such a busy dog that he rarely even thought about flying anymore. Almost every day he had a class to take or a therapy visit to make. His lady Linda needed him to "help" with all her shopping. He had friends at all the stores they went to. When he didn't go to school with her, he would sleep until she came home. As soon as he heard her come in he waited to hear the word "leash" or "walk", which meant they were going out. Those were the best days, besides the weekends.

One day when he was making his potty run in the yard his red wings simply fell off. After he'd run back in and upstairs to say hi to Grandma, Linda walked out and picked them up.


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Shiba with Red Wings
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