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The next time she visited again with Gunni and Suki, but when she left, she took Cheng Kee with her. She had a brand new house crate for him in her car. She also had a nice green collar. Cheng Kee had chewed up the green harness. When they got to her house she brought him and the house downstairs. She had a chain out on the patio so that he had a place to go potty. He slept in his house athat night and for quite awhile after that.

The next morning the lady let him out. She took him to the door where his potty place was. There was an old gray tabby called Scotch waiting there also. He slipped past the lady and out the door. Cheng Kee wanted to impress the lady so he went right after Scotch and herded him around to the front of the house. The lady was waiting at the front door. She praised Cheng Kee and soothed the cat's ruffled feelings. From that time on it was war between Cheng Kee and Scotch. Cheng Kee could sense that there was another cat in the house, but he hadn't seen her. He had met the rabbit Shadrach, the black rat Sam, and the cockatiels; Buster, Katherine, Hannah and Nicky.

That day they took a long car ride to meet the lady's daughter. For Cheng Kee it was love at first sight. He adored his lady, but he sensed a kindred spirit in Joy.

The first days at his new home were nice, with just him, the other critters and his lady. He could hear the other cat, but hadn't seen her yet. His lady bough another crate. He was registered for classes with other dogs. He went everywhere the lady went. When she was awake, he was out of his crate. When they left in the morning she put him in his crate in her car. They drove to another building and she left him in his house and went inside. A couple of times during the day she came and took him for walks, and at the end of the day he got to play with the children at the school. This became his routine for the enxt five months. He loved the weekends when he went to his class, the book stores or to see Joy with the lady, and she was home all day. The only thing he hated about his class was the "gentle leader". His lady explained to him though that when she was convinced that he would be a good puppy and follow directions, he wouldn't have to wear it.


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