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He and his lady had a few confrontations about who got to be in charge. He tried some subtle things, like standing on her feet, but she knew a lot about wolves and saw what he was doing. He tested her directly about three times, once by actually grabbing hold of her arm and growling. She took his mouth and held it shut and turned him on his back and she made it very clear that she was the alpha.

In late fall a top was put on the kennel and Cheng Kee could no longer fly out. Then one evening, a miracle. The lady put him outside on his run. He chased after a rabbit and he heard the chain snap. He was free!! He ran and ran for sheer joy. He crossed a road and almost got hit by a truck and so was more cautious. He explored all around the lake he found and so did not hear his lady calling and calling for him until late at night. Finally, late at night, he crept back across the road and into a patch of woods. He curled up and slept. The next day he wandered. By now, he was hungry and wanted his bed and food dish. In the evening he went up to a house with a dog. The people looked at his tags and chained him up. A big nice man came and put him in a car. When they stopped they were at his lady's. She cried and hugged him. Even the grandma was happy to see him. Cheng Kee had never been so tired or so happy.

After that, his life began to change. He became more serious about his dog classes. He watched the older dogs in the class and saw how happy their owners were when they did commands correctly. He really liked to please his lady. There were other trips to schools. He and his lady were learning to read each other and work together.

In the Spring he went to a special place where he took the Canine Good Citizen test for the third time. This time there were walkers, and wheelchairs and more loud noises. There were a lot more dogs to walk through too. His lady said "good dog" and "that's what I like" a lot.

The best part of taking the test was that he now got to go with his lady a lot. They began going to a building that was ALL grandmas and grandpas. They also began going to a live-in school with a lot of children. His lady taught summer school and most days Cheng Kee went along.


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