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Months passed, and the family celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Then one day, the mother and her children came home from school very excited. The same lady who had admired the puppy in the fall had asked about him again. The lady looked for pictures of the puppy and the Shiba Inu book, and the next day brought them to the school. Time passed and the puppy heard nothing more.

Finally, one rainy, drizzly day the children and mother loaded the big house crate into their big van. They put the puppy in the house and carried it into the school. He was frightened. Then the mother let him out and the lady was there. She soothed him and petted him, and soon he felt better. But she left, and he was put back in the house. The mother took him out to go potty once. Then at the end of the day he was brought into a room with a lot of children. When the door of the house was opened, the lady was there. The puppy peed a little on the floor (an unfortunate habit that he continued for the next six months). The lady just cleaned It up and didn't say anything. He was happy and excited and hopeful. Before the day ended the lady took his face in both hands and named him Cheng Kee. She said that a Japanese dog should have an Asian name. She promised to visit him at his house.

The lady came to see him twice at his first home. She brought treats for him and his parents, and toys for him. The toys smelled like strange animals. She also brought him a new green harness. Papa-San Gunni liked the lady very much. Cheng Kee laid next to her, but Gunni leaned against her leg.


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