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Agility Training

Clean Run list of Agility Clubs & Schools:

Carting Training

If you would like more information on how to begin carting training, please visit the following website:

Clicker Training

This is a method that uses operant conditioning to train your pets. To learn more about training your Shiba using this method, please visit the following websites:

Clicker Solutions - an e-mail list:

Flyball Training

For more information about flyball training, please visit the following websites:

Assistance & Service Dog Training

For information about Assistance & Service Dog training, please visit the following websites:

List of Service Dog related websites:
Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society) - Resources on Human-Animal Interactions, Animal-Assisted Activities/Therapy, and Service Dogs:
Paws with a Cause - trains Assistance Dogs nationally for people with disabilites and provides lifetime team support which encourages independence:
North American Police Work Dog Association:
Canine Companions:
Assistance Dogs International:
Dogs For the Deaf:

Therapy Dog Training

Contact the following groups in order to learn how your Shiba could be trained to be a Therapy Dog:

Therapy Dog International, Inc (TDI):
Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society):

Be sure to visit several trainers, before deciding on one. It is good to see how each trainer works and how he/she reacts to the animals they are training.