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The honeymoon was over.

Shibas are climbers fortunately. Gunni spent many weary days climbing fences, trees and hills to retrieve his errant baby. Finally both the human and Shiba parents had had enough. At first they put a harness on the baby. He chewed it off in about fifteen minutes. They were forced to resort to the type of collar he could not slip. They fastened this to a thirty foot line which was firmly anchored to the ground. Whenever the baby was outside he was attached to this. At first he practiced flying by going in circles, but he became tangled easily and so ceased this activity. He did discover that if he was quick enough, he could slip by the humans legs and get outside without the leash. It didn't take his human children long to catch on though, especially since they were usually the ones who had to chase him down.

Soon the baby had another concern. His brother and sister had both gone to pet homes, but not him. The family called him Willie, which did not feel like his name, and he instinctively knew that three dogs in the house were too many.

He visited the childrens' school and gave everyone his very best Shiba grin. There was a lady who stopped in the hall to pet him and speak to him. But when the father told her the price of the puppy she regretfully said that HER family had firmly said "NO MORE PETS!" The little puppy's heart was very saddened.


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