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Information about the ShibaSports website:

Who? The ShibaSports website is owned and maintained by the Companion Events Committee of the National Shiba Club of America. Several members of that committee as well as members of the ShibaSports e-mail list have contributed to the content of this website. Much of the original design was done by Andrea Estacio. The ShibaSports e-mail list is moderated by Norma Hornung. You may contact the maintainers of the site at

Why? This website is a non-profit website whose sole purpose is to provide its visitors with information about the Shiba Inu's participation in any dog related sport or activity. The ShibaSports e-mail list was created by Norma Hornung as a forum for members of the Shiba-L (e-mail discussion list) who mainly wanted to discuss information related to dog related sports such as agility, obedience, tracking, flyball & other activities. Anyone can become a member of the ShibaSports e-mail list. For more information, please visit the 'Email List' section of this website.

Where? ShibaSports uses Yahoo! Groups to provide the group with list/discussion services and the website is hosted as a subdomain of the National Shiba Club of America site.


The Evolution of ShibaSports: