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ONCE UPON A TIME.not really so very long ago, a Shiba Inu couple received a great surprise. Some would have considered it a blessing, others a curse. Irregardless, Gunni and Suki were amazed and astounded when they discovered that one of their three puppies had been born with red wings.

Shiba is the Japanese word for brush and Inu means dog. Papa-San Gunni was not certain how this little puppy would hunt in brush. Mama-San Suki had deeper concerns. This was her second litter of babies, and she was well aware of just exactly how much mischief a Shiba Inu puppy can create.

It was summertime and all of the human family was home. At first all was well. The baby was too little to go anywhere, although Suki kept a firm paw over him at all times. The baby was slightly smaller than his litter mates, and so was a little slower to venture out of Suki's nest.

Time eventually passes on though and soon enough the baby became curious about his outside surroundings. There were three human children in the house and a huge yard. At first the baby was content to stay with his siblings and parents. But, one day when he was running away from his brother the puppy discovered his wings.

He was tearing across the yard and his red wings opened. There happened to be a good breeze that day. Suddenly, to the astonishment of himself and his brother, he found himself at the top of the tree in the middle of the yard.


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Shiba with Red Wings
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