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One thing the lady had discovered early on was that Shiba Inus do not like to get their feet wet, or their toenails cut. The first time she had taken him to get it done, they put a muzzle on him and the lady held him down. She had started playing with his feet a lot and it was becoming more of a game.

Once when they drove into the mountains he got away from the lady by slipping out of the car. He ducked into a valley of rocks on both sides. He couldn't fly until he got past the valley because of the trees and some teens on three wheelers caught him by his leash. His lady cried, and he didn't try to escape again while they were there.

The summer was kind off boring. He had a longer line in the yard, and he didn't go to school anymore. The lady had fixed a pen around the outside of his crate house so that he had more room. He played hide and seek with Sam and peek a boo with Shadrach. Twice, Buster got out of his cage. Cheng Kee gleefully tried to grab him, but Buster pecked him very hard on the nose, and he decided to retreat into his house and leave him alone. The next time Buster visited, they had a better rapport. Joy's cat had also come to live with them - a black Tom named Billy. Billy was not at all intimidated by Cheng Kee and he protected Cottre, the heretofore unseen - so Cheng Kee finally got to meet her.

During the summer, the lady put up a kennel. It was six by twelve feet. At first Cheng Kee stayed in it with no problem, but then he realized he could fly out. So, it was a return to his routine of the past spring. This time though, he was able to be out more often to play with the children. He had continued with his dog classes and was working his way through the third - WITHOUT the gentle leader!!


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Shiba with Red Wings
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