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What is the ShibaSports e-mail list?

The ShibaSports e-mail list is an e-mail discussion group. The list is for Shiba Inu owners who are currently engaged in any of the canine sports with their dogs, or considering doing so in the future. The purpose is to provide a forum for sharing training techniques, brags, and any thing else related to the challenge of working with our loved Shibas.

How does it work?

ShibaSports uses the services of Yahoo! Groups. We have over a hundred members. Some members lurk and others are active participants in our e-mail discussions. There is just one email address that list members send their messages to. When a message is sent to this email address, all ShibaSports members will receive it.

How do you join?

If you want to join the ShibaSports e-mail list, there are a few ways to do it.

If you have a current Yahoo! ID and password: Join Now!
Enter your Yahoo! ID and password in the space provided. After signing in, select your e-mail preferences and press the "Join" button. You will then become a member of the ShibaSports e-mail list.

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If you do not have a Yahoo! ID: Either enter your e-mail address in the box to the right or send an e-mail to in order to subscribe

If you want to sign up for a free Yahoo! ID and join ShibaSports : You must fist sign up for a Yahoo! ID. Select your own Yahoo! ID, fill in the required information, and submit the form. Once you confirm your Yahoo ID! and alternate e-mail address, you will be taken to the ShibaSports preferences section where you will be able to select how you want the ShibaSports e-mails you receive to be sent to you.

What address should you use to post your message after becoming a member?

Use the following e-mail address in order to post a message to the entire group:

How do you unsubscribe from the list if you are a current member?

Send a message to the following e-mail address to unsubscribe:

If you have any questions

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the list owner at: