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Shiba with Red Wings
Written and illustrated by Linda Manlove

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An Introduction by Linda Manlove

Another Shiba owner came over to my work to drop off a rescue Shiba..

Cheng Kee was there and a child was showing another, "See, right here are where his wings were attached." Cheng Kee does have a pair of red nylon wings. My daughter purchased them for him at our Renaissance Festival. A charicaturist did a sketch of him that day. The sketch and wings hung on my wall through Cheng Kee's training and are still there. I wrote the story as a means to introduce him to my students. I also did sketches to go with the story. I am a story teller. The children's favorites have always been "The Four Wolves Who Saved Their Master" (which I finally drew sketches for and put into booklet form), lately the book "Jojofu" about a Japanese Shiba Inu, and now, "The Little Shiba With Red Wings"

Shiba with Red Wings
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