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Luci is 5 years old and 13 inches tall ( although she is quite sure that everyone else is shorter than her !) . She has lived with Angela Dotson for over a year.

According to Angela, "The family she was with didn't want her she was only there 3 months,and she had 4 previous homes in that year. I don't know why, she is extremely tidy and very housebroke. She now naps on the couch with me, if it is convenient for her, and comes when called, if she isn't busy,Luci loves to nap in front of the wood stove, as you can see, she likes a good fire.Luci has her competition debut in agility on July 7th in Montpelier, Ohio. I absolutely love my Shiba and am very proud of her! When I got her a year ago she was afraid to walk on linoleum and thru door ways, now she has blossomed into quite the little queen."

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