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Tasukaru Liberty For Me

My mom says I will make a great agility Shiba as I continue to learn that all noises and people movements are not scary.  The picture of me on the teeter was taken when I was 1 year old and was comfortable only on the teeter at home.  Now, at almost 3 years old, I have participated in my first trial.  The other pictures were taken at it.

I stated my life 3 years ago in a puppy mill but fortunately the broker for the pet stores rejected me.  I have bad knees and will need surgery some day to correct them.  My Mom hopes that the muscles I develop from agility will keep my knee caps from ever popping out of place.  So far it is working.  Playing with my Shiba brother and sisters helps too.

BTW, Tasukaru is the Japanese word for rescued. 

Libby is owned by Norma Hornung.

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