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"Barkley" - Bark Rivers-Ray of Sunshine

Born Aug. 23, 1998.  His breeder is Suzanne Church, originally from Wisconsin, but now an Arizona resident.  Barkley came to live with me when he was a six-month old puppy.  For years I had no intention on training him for trials, but through an agility class just for fun we became involved in obedience.
 I happened to end up with a Shiba who is very friendly to people and other dogs, but is extremely independent, stubborn, and inattentive.  Training him is a big challenge.  We made it through the first two legs in Novice A obedience so far.  All in all, I am very proud of him to achieve even this much on account of his nature. 
He has his TDI certification and we visit in the local hospital once a week where he is a great success, mostly on account of his looks.  Very few people have ever seen a Shiba and I am asked a lot of questions on his breed.


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