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"Here is Aoki's picture while he was practicing flyball. This picture was just taken 3 weeks shy of his 11th birthday. Looks good for an old dog. " - Linda W.

"Aoki" - Aoki of Hansha, CD, NA, NAJ
10/16/88 - 9/28/01

Aoki was owned by Linda White.

Memories of Aoki:

The first time I ever saw Aoki was before I even had a Shiba, back in 1989 or so. I saw his photo in Shiba Journal... he was just a young dog then, competing at the first-ever Obedience Trial at the Shiba Ken Club National Specialty. The photo showed him doing the long down next to another young dog-- the first obedience Shibas! So Aoki really was a ShibaSports pioneer. When I finally got my first Shiba, Rudy, we started obedience classes right away. We used to run into Linda and Aoki at fun matches sometimes, and I will always remember what a character he was. He was a big, joyful, mischievous dog with lots of personality. It seemed like he LIVED to amuse himself, and if he managed to amuse the rest of us watching him, so much the better! What an entertainer. I once saw him do a recall with such exuberance that he almost knocked Linda flat. I know that Aoki wasn't always easy to live with, but he was a very special Shiba, and I'll remember him fondly.
Monica Flynn


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